The new CAMTAC camouflage

July 14, 2023
The new CAMTAC camouflage

New CAMTAC camouflage

The Army took advantage of July 14 to present their new tactical camouflage to us.
During this parade, we were able to admire the first 3 vehicles of the Scorpion program equipped with this camouflage called CAMTAC.
Naturally, your military model specialist Promodels could not miss such an important subject and I think you will not be disappointed by what follows...

You will soon be able to enjoy these exceptional models offered in very limited editions and exclusively by Master Fighter.
To begin with, it is the VBMR Griffon with its brand new CAMTAC camouflage which amazed us.
This is why we made the decision to reproduce this new camouflage on a completely new version of the vehicle which will also be available without the camouflage

This new, unique edition will be offered to you with the three different camouflages Europe, Desert and Winter.
For each version you will have at your disposal a very limited quantity of only 50, 40 and 20 respective models.

Diecast of 1/48th scale VBMR Griffon Scorpion camouflage program CAMTAC winter
The new CAMTAC camouflage
Diecast of 1/48th scale VBMR Griffon Scorpion desert camouflage program
The new CAMTAC camouflage
Diecast of 1/48th scale VBMR Griffon Scorpion camouflage green camtac program
The new CAMTAC camouflage

Griffon VBMR Improvements

We also took advantage of this new series to retrofit our model which dates from 2018 with the following improvements:

  • New tires with earth brown rims from France.
  • Front mudguard.
  • ECR support.
  • Camera above the back door.
  • Lot edge.
  • Rear trunk retrofit.

These new models will be available for sale on our site at the beginning of August but you can request a quote today.

Please note, the models will be delivered in the order of receipt of the first reservations and first payments when the models are available.

For availability and prices of this model: