M1151 Solido in detail

May 22, 2021

Solido HUMVEE M1151 from every angle

M1151 Solido in detail

Details of the Solido M1151

After the first part on the chassis of this miniature, here's the analysis of the body and turret.

The body is cast in metal, with all the details well reproduced, as well as the over-plating specific to this version.

Small details are painted throughout the model, and all lights are painted in the appropriate shade, even the smallest ones

M1151 Solido in detail
M1151 Solido in detail

It's all the details that make a beautiful miniature.

The mirrors are thin but not at all fragile, and perfectly represent this very prominent part of the vehicle.
As Christophe pointed out, the "hole" in the right-hand side of the body is indeed an opening for the fuel filler cap, and this problem will soon be solved with the upgrade set planned by Gaso.line.

Particular care has been taken to create the rear bumper with all the accessories, including a trailer hitch that looks like the real thing, and fine mud flaps.

The headlamps, made of separate transparent parts, are well molded, making the vehicle's distinctive grille all the more realistic.
Even the windshield wipers are made from inserts for an enhanced finish.

The BFT (Blue Force Tracker) antenna on the right rear is well reproduced, adding an original touch to the miniature.
The hood's sling hooks are also a nice touch, adding even more realism to the model.

  • M1151 Solido in detail
  • M1151 Solido in detail

The rear scrambler is a good idea, and considering the other parts of this model, I'm surprised that the correct height of this scrambler isn't respected.

Curious, too, that this antenna is planted directly in the bodywork?

2 parts that will be part of the Gaso.line upgrade set.

The detail has been pushed to the point of making the handles inside the turret, which we were unable to dismantle.

Curiously, the Stryker's rather realistic 12.7 machine gun is, here, rather poorly realized and the barrel is rather fragile.
The quality is pushed to the point of fitting transparent glass on the small "windows" as well as on the turret shield.

As with the body, the rear-view mirrors are detailed and neatly painted, with the glass divided into 2 parts as in the real thing.


It's worth noting that all these small parts require a production mould, but above all a longer assembly time than other press productions have for an equivalent price.

To repeat myself, all the details brought to this miniature, whether in terms of individual parts or detailed painting, are excellent, and this model has nothing to do with "press" models of the same price.

So you've got a quality model for a modest price, making it one of the best-value military miniatures on the market.

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