Solido HUMVEE M1151

April 24, 2021

Autopsy of the HUMVEE M1151 Solido model

M1151 Solido in detail

Solido didn't take the easy way out with this version of the HUMVEE M1151, as this model features more elements that are difficult to reproduce in miniature than a classic basic version.

The choice of this version is very interesting, with its armored turret, protective glass and designer shield.

The over-armored doors are also a special feature of this model, and the representation of its armored windows has been brilliantly reproduced by Solido.

Solido HUMVEE M1151
Solido HUMVEE M1151

The miniature in detail and parts

First, we take a look at the chassis and interior of the Solido HUMVEE M1151.

The photos show the disassembly of the chassis and the interior, without disassembling the individual parts.
If you want to know the quality of a model, it's best to take it apart and find out how it's made.

As a model builder and designer of scale models, I'm really amazed by the design of these models, which have nothing in common with the press series you could buy for the same price.

As you can see from the photos, the number of parts is impressive for the underbody of a collectible miniature.

The detail is pushed as far as a Tamiya model, which is a reference in terms of scale models and models to be assembled, whereas here we find an assembled and painted collector's model at a very reasonable price.

  • Solido HUMVEE M1151
  • Solido HUMVEE M1151
  • Solido HUMVEE M1151

The tread pattern of the tires is very representative of the vehicle's tires, and the material they're made of is soft rubber rather than hard plastic as on the old Solido models.

In addition to a beautiful engraving, this material allows the weight of the metal vehicle to have a crushing effect just like on the real vehicle.

Even if it's difficult to see inside, the cockpit is fully detailed, with everything from the radio transmitter/receiver stations to the screen and the turret gunner's footboard with non-slip support.

Fortunately, Solido isn't infallible, and there are still a few modifications to be made by us, which we'll be proposing shortly.

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