E-MBT European Tank KNDS

E-MBT European Tank KNDS

Complete kit of the KNDS E-MBT European Tank in 1/48 scale

Kit contains:
  • Resin parts
  • Brass photo-cutting board
  • Assembly instructions with parts list and color photos: Download instructions
You can also contact us to have this model assembled and painted with the camouflage of your choice.
E-MBT European Tank KNDS

History of the KNDS E-MBT European Tank

The Franco-German heavy tank project, which aims to replace the Leclerc and Leopard 2 by 2030/2035, is still in the preliminary studies phase. 

At a parliamentary hearing held in January 2015, when the alliance between Krauss Maffei Wegmann and Nexter Systems was underway [which has since become KNDS], the German manufacturer's CEO, Frank Haun, spoke of developing "a new heavy tank." He added: "Whether it's called Leopard 3, Leléo or Léoclerc, it will be developed jointly". 

But at the time, he was talking about the MGCS program. KNDS did indeed develop a new heavy tank using its own funds, i.e. outside the scope of a government request. Indeed, at the 2018 Eurosatory land armament show, KNDS caused quite a stir by unveiling the Euro Main Battle Tank [EMBT], the first Franco-German tank. The project, launched in January 2017, involved assembling the Leopard 2A7's chassis-sis with the Leclerc's 120mm self-loading turret.