US Half-track M3

Complete kit of the US Half-track M3 in 1/48th scale

The kit contains:

  • Resin parts
  • Brass rods to make the wheels mobile if desired
  • Assembly instructions with parts list and color photos: Download instructions

You can also contact us to have this model assembled and painted with the camouflage of your choice.

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History of the US Half-track M3

The armored half-track - Half-track in English - was the first troop transport vehicle of the US Army to be used operationally and mainly used during the Second World War and during the Cold War. It was built and used intensively during the Second World War and continued its career well beyond in the Middle East, particularly where it was used in numerous versions in Israel and Lebanon.

Designed by the manufacturer Diamond T like the Half-track M2, it could transport up to 10 fighters. Operated by a crew of 3 men, it had a gasoline engine, a 4-speed gearbox and a 4.5 t front winch. The thickness of its armor varied between 6.3 and 12.7 mm. The M3A1 version had a heavy machine gun placed at the front of the vehicle.