Solido M4 C2V MLRS

May 29, 2021

Solido-based M4 C2V conversion

The Solido M4 C2V MLRS

The M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) was developed in the mid-1990s to replace the aging M577 series.
The M4 C2V was to be more mobile, larger and better equipped.

Due to funding allocated to other projects, only a limited number of these vehicles were produced.
This vehicle is based on the M993 chassis of the M270 MLRS multiple rocket launcher. This type of chassis shares many parts with the Bradley series.

The front superstructure accommodates three people, and the command post module is mounted on the rear platform.
An APU is installed to supply power without the main engine running.

The control station module includes various types of communication equipment and cards.
A Satcom module and a 10 m telescopic mast are installed

Maquette Gaso.line base MLRS Solido

Always up to date, Gaso.line is already offering conversions for the Solido 2021 military range.
The new Solido military collection is such a success that we're delighted to be working on it to bring you conversions based on these excellent foundations.

As a first step, we'll be offering an upgrade set for the HUMVEE M1151, which will be detailed in an article on this site in the near future.
The first real conversion will be to turn an MLRS into a Solido M4 C2V MLRS command and control version.

This vehicle will be the perfect complement to Solido's new military range, and will be right up there with its "cousin" the MLRS.

As you can see from the attached photos, the conversion involves replacing the rocket baskets with a fixed body at the rear of the vehicle.
Naturally, we're bringing all our expertise to bear on this model, and every detail will be represented to make it a reference kit for subsequent conversions.

As usual at Gaso.line, the kit will be highly detailed, and you'll be able to "expand" your collection with a highly original model.

The kit can be completed with the decal sheet we're preparing for modern US vehicles, which will contain everything you need for the "MaximuS" version of this model.
Of course, we already have other projects on the go that I hope will please many of you!

For availability and prices of this model : Quarter Kit store