Russian T-35 tank

Complete Russian T-35 tank kit in 1/48 scale

Kit contains:

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Russian T-35 tank history

From 1933 to 1939, 61 T-35 rolled out the Bolschevik factories in Leningrad. Weighing 50 tons, the T-35 was classed as heavy: "Tyazholy". Its large dimensions made it one of the most impressive tanks of its time worldwide.

Eleven tank crews were cramped inside the T-35 and were at best protected by 30 mm of steel. This five-turret tank displayed a potentially mighty firepower: one 76.2 mm L/16 howitzer with 96 shells, two 45 mm L/46 cannons fed by 220 rounds and lastly five 7.62 mm DT light machine guns with a total of 10,080 cartridges covering all the sectors of the vehicle.

The T-35 was slow, cumbersome, insufficiently armoured, difficult to command and short-legged. It performed poorly versus the Fins in Karelia in 1939 and the Germans in 1941-1942.