News Master Fighter 1/87

October 9, 2023
News Master Fighter 1/87

Master Fighter 1/87e

A brand-new collection of assembled and painted models in the Master Fighter range is about to be launched, in 1/87 scale.
You’ll still find the same quality as our 1/48th scale models, which are renowned for their high level of detail.

Naturally, to kick off this collection, we couldn’t do without our tank National, the Leclerc, which will be available in 3 central-European shades, but also with its new terre de France brown camouflage.

News Master Fighter 1/87
News Master Fighter 1/87

As the 1/87e scale is mainly attached to HO trains, it was inconceivable not to make the embarked version of the Leclerc tank, modified to be transported on wagons as well as on the TRM 700/100 from the Gaso.line range.  

Specific modifications to the Leclerc tank for rail transport / TRM 700/100 tank carrier

  • Front skirts in raised position
  • Removing the turret front cases  
  • Added mouth brake protection cover  
  • Closing the optics  
  • Removal of the scuttle gun  
  • No antenna  
  • Removal of removable drums  
  • News Master Fighter 1/87
  • News Master Fighter 1/87
  • News Master Fighter 1/87

Another essential piece in any collection of modern French equipment, the VAB from Arquus (formerly Renault Trucks Defense) will be on offer, initially, in its Ultima version with TOP turret and over armor, also in 3-tone livery and French earth brown. 

News Master Fighter 1/87

In addition to a quality product, you’ll benefit from a sliding scale of charges for the purchase of several models, so that rail convoy enthusiasts can equip their trains at an optimized cost.

Please note that, like all Master Fighter models, these are limited editions and will not be reissued.

Leclerc tanks will be available in November, while Ultima VABs will go on sale at the end of October.

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