Military miniatures Solido 2021

February 13, 2021

New collection of military miniatures by Solido

Military miniatures Solido 2021

Solido, with its 2021 military miniatures, confirms the release of new models for early May for 4 different models with 2 camouflage options.
All models are announced in 1/48 scale, which represents the best compromise with the scale of the old Solido models.

Older models marked as 1/43 or 1/50 were, for the most part, models closer to 1/48 and will be able to accompany this new collection without looking out of place in your display windows

Military miniatures Solido 2021
Military miniatures Solido 2021

With the exception of the Hummer, which already exists in a similar scale (1/43), the other 3 models are real novelties, with an MLRS that could easily be transformed into a French LRU, an M60 with interesting modification possibilities, and a highly original Stryker with a killer look.

Naturally, Quarter Kit is at the "head of the queue" to bring you this new range, which heralds a real revival after more than a decade without any real Solido novelties.

  • M1151 Solido in detail
  • Military miniatures Solido 2021

The models in this new Solido 2021 military miniatures collection are modern US machines, having been introduced by MTH Electric trains in the USA, which presented them on flatbed wagons in their O Scale Armor Series 1/48 Scale armor diecast collection.

If this collection is a success with sufficient sales, Solido promises us more "national" subjects, among others, and from all periods.
For more information on the quality of these new products, see the Solido Bradley article on Milinfo or MSV.

Military miniatures Solido 2021

To date, we still don't have precise prices, which should be announced at the end of February, but don't hesitate to reserve your models now, as quantities are limited.

Let's support Solido to have a chance of seeing more new models in the future, and relaunch a collection closer to our expectations.

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