Miniature of the AMX 10 RCr tank

June 30, 2023
Miniature of the AMX 10 RCr tank

AMX 10 RCr Master Fighter armored tank

We are delighted to present to you the new reissue of a model released in this configuration in 2009: the AMX 10 RCR armored vehicle from the Master Fighter range in 1/48 scale.
The Master Fighter AMX 10 RCR tank model is the result of painstaking work and extensive research. Every detail, from the main gun to the defense systems, has been accurately reproduced to provide an authentic model-building experience

This miniature is offered on our website with two different camouflages, the new brown earth of France as well as the green NATO camouflage that can be seen on the models which fight in Ukraine.

Like all Master Fighter series, these are limited editions, and for this model only 50 of each camouflage are available.

In addition, a kit version will soon be available, for model builders who wish to assemble and paint their own model.
The kit contains resin parts, rubber tires, photoetched parts and decals.

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