Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer

Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer

Model of the Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer in 1/48th scale

The model contains : 
  • Resin parts
  • A metal photo-etched board
  • Metal axles to make the wheels mobile if desired
  • Rubber tracks
You can also contact us to have this model assembled and painted with the camouflage of your choice.
  • Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer
  • Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer

History of the Flammpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer

The Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer will also be modified to carry out a whole series of conversions.
Let us first note the creation in December 1944 of 20 Flammpanzer 38(t) auf Hetzer for the Ardennes offensive.

 They were equipped with a 14mm Flammenwerfer projector installed in the standard barrel of the gun to camouflage its role as a flamethrowing tank.
These conversions will be incorporated into the 352nd and 353rd Panzer-Flamm-Kompanies within Army Group G.