Destroyer M36B2 base Jackson Tamiya

Destroyer M36B2 base Jackson Tamiya

Tamiya-based Destroyer M36B2 Jackson conversion kit in 1/48th scale

Base to use: Tamiya 32519 TD M10 or 32582 Achilles

Kit contains:

  • Resin parts
  • Machined metal barrel
  • Brass rods
  • Assembly instructions with parts list and color photos: Download instructions
You can also contact us to have this model assembled and painted with the camouflage of your choice.
  • Destroyer M36B2 base Jackson Tamiya
  • Destroyer M36B2 base Jackson Tamiya

History of the Tamiya-based M36B2 Jackson Destroyer

The landings in Europe made it urgent to replace the M10s armed with the 76.2 mm gun with new tank fighters equipped with the 90 mm gun to cope with the German heavy tanks. This led to M36 turrets being mounted on Sherman M4 A 3 chassis, which were designated M36 B2. 
As the M36s were assigned to units, the M10s were sent to the factory to receive the new armament, and were redesignated M36 B1. Two improvements were made: an armor plate was added to the turret to form a roof, and a muzzle brake was subsequently fitted to the gun. M36s were used from 1944 onwards, and are still in service in some armies, as seen in Croatia in 1990. Total production of the M36 was around 3,000 units.