Caesar Miniature by Master Fighter

January 31, 2023
Caesar Miniature by Master Fighter

The Caesar miniature at 1/48th scale.

The 155mm Caesar self-propelled guns have just been released by Master Fighter, they are high-end miniatures in small series with a complete equipment set and realistic details.
The models have a machined metal barrel as well as photo-etched steel mirrors, wiper and ladder.

The Michelin rubber rims and tires are very realistic to stay faithful to the real models.

You will be able to discover this model with two different camouflages, one with the new brown earth of France camouflage and the other in camouflaged green central Europe.

Master Fighter also offers a kit version for all enthusiasts who want to assemble and decorate their trucks themselves.

In a very limited series, whether for the mounted and painted models or the kits, so do not hesitate because it is surely the last production.

Caesar Miniature by Master Fighter
Caesar Miniature by Master Fighter

Characteristics of the 155 mm self-propelled gun.

The 155 mm Caesar self-propelled gun is a vehicle that combines great firepower and increased tactical mobility.
This allows it to travel long distances and on all types of tracks.

The Caesars can be equipped with automatic clocking, a speedometer and ATLAS terminals.

You can find these two models in the Master Fighter category then in armored tank and vehicles on our website.
To obtain the kit version, simply go to the kit model category to be assembled.

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