Panhard VBL Gaso.line 1/87th

June 6, 2023

Panhard VBL 1/87th HO kit

For military model enthusiasts looking for quality, Gaso.line offers the Milan LAV and the PL127 LAV, two impressive replicas.
This Light Armored Vehicle is one of the reconnaissance vehicles used by many armed forces around the world, and Gaso.line has faithfully reproduced this emblematic vehicle in 1/87th HO scale.

Every aspect of the Panhard VBL models, from the external structure to the smallest details, is precisely crafted, such as the underbody or the turret of the VBL PL127.
All the wheels on these models are made of black resin to make painting easier for the model makers.

These two models will be offered assembled and painted at a later date on our website, here is a preview of the two models with OTAN green camouflage.

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